CAD-II Curriculum Development

CAD II class and lab curriculum developed while I was a teacher's assistant at Pasco-Hernando Community College (PHCC) meeting the Florida Community College System's class objectives. I taught both the lectures and presented the lab exercises in this second of two basic CAD classes, including instruction in 3-D parametric solid modeling.

CAD II Class and Lab Development

The teacher that I worked for encouraged me to "trust my insticts as a drafter", and start with a "clean - slate" for the curriculum. Hence, using my own experience in both learning drafting and CAD as well as employment as a design engineer, I produced a logical lecture progression from 2-D CAD through basic 3-D CAD ideas to 3-D Surfacing in the lab using AutoCAD ©.



& Concepting

Manual Sketching
NURBS & Solid Modeling
Human Factors Ergonomics
Brainstorming Ideation Leader
Process Improvement Facilitator

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